Mens 'Wanna be in my gang?' Embroidered Tee (Pre Order)

Mens 'Wanna be in my gang?' Embroidered Tee (Pre Order)


We are so excited to launch the ‘Wanna be in my gang’ tees for pre order, promoting the importance of raising mental health awareness.

Why ‘Wanna be in my gang?’ Simple really, because raising awareness for mental health and erasing the stigma attached to it cannot be done individually, it needs to be done collectively. We have to work together in showing the world that we ALL struggle from time to time and it’s ok to talk about it, in fact it’s great to do so.

The signature tear drop on the shoulder signifies a shoulder to cry, something we all need and need to be from time to time.

10% of every sale of these tees will go to a local Oxford mental health charity called ‘Restore’ a charity close to Founder Nicole’s heart.

All detail is embroidered.

Please note delivery will be 3-4 weeks.

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