Welcome to 'Dash Life'

Hey! Welcome to ‘Dash Life’, my new blog about fitness, parenting, activewear and anything else I feel like this discussing that week. ‘Why Dash’ I hear you say? Firstly, because Dash is my maiden name (pretty cool huh?) and secondly because in all honesty, I spend my day dashing around from one place to another!

My name is Nicole Clewer and I am the founder of Dot Dash Activewear. I am also a personal trainer and more recently, I have become a new mummy to Jago Beauden Clewer.

Here’s a little bit about me and why I started Dot Dash Activewear: 

I was an ambassador for a renowned fitness brand for five years and over that time, I built up a good knowledge about good quality, fashionable and functional activate wear. And with all the vast experience I had, I decided to create my own brand and become an ambassador for myself, thus Dot Dash Activewear was born! When I fell pregnant at the end of 2017, I thought that was the perfect time to take the plunge and work on this exciting new venture. I also wanted to create a life around my son that would give me the opportunity to work from home and be around Jago more.

I have always loved fitness, since I was a young child. In 2001 I qualified as a personal trainer, whilst I love cardio, strength training has always been my speciality. In 2013 I broke the squat British record in the 55-kilo weight class.

As much as I love fitness, I equally love fashion (there is a slight obsession yes), so starting my own activewear brand seemed a perfect mix of the two, fashion and fitness. What more does a girl need?

I pride Dot Dash Activewear on the fact that whilst we are highly fashionable, we are also highly functional and our activewear can be worn across all sports from yoga to CrossFit, and yes, I’ve tested them all!

Some may say that starting a business and having a baby at the same time is crazy (sometimes it feels that way) and whist I certainly have tough days, I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way. I gathered you’d be tired if you solely started a new business or solely had a baby, so you may as well kill two birds with one stone, right? All jokes aside, I really do like to be challenged professionally and there’s no better reason to make a success of myself than Jago. When I’m up late responding to emails or packing orders, I look at him and he reminds me of why I do what I do.

So, welcome to ‘Dash Life’ I hope you’ve enjoyed briefly getting to know me (if you didn’t already) and keep your eyes peeled for plenty more blogs. Anyway, must dash!

Nicole x 

Nicole Clewer