'Dashing in with'... Nicola Elliot, Founder of Neom Organics

This week I started a series of ‘Dashing in with...’ Q&A’s, with inspirational women that have all achieved great things. The interview offers a brief insight into their lifestyle and business and how they juggle it all. Being a new business owner myself, I want to gain as much knowledge as possible from these ladies.

I have kick started with Nicola Elliot, Founder of Neom Organics, who is a HUGE inspiration of mine, so as you can imagine I was super excited to read her response.

So here it is, 'Dashing in with' Nicola Elliot...

What made you start Neom?

I trained as an aromatherapist and nutritionist after struggling with anxiety and fell in love with plant oils and the way they could help me sleep better, stress less, energise me and lift my mood. I really felt I could inspire people to lead naturally healthy lives and so started plotting to start Neom.

Do you feel you have a good worklife/family balance?

It’s a work in progress. I’m pretty good at not sweating the small stuff, I surround myself with people that are way better than me, and I see work as a hobby, so it’s not just work!

What would your advice be to people like myself and other aspiring business woman about getting the right work life/family balance?

Choose a great partner! You can’t do it solo and my husband and I do 50/50 around the home and with the kids…you can’t do everything yourself. 

What’s your proudest achievement within Neom?

Every time a new store opens it’s a bit like I’ve just given birth - that makes me proud. And the same for product launches! Face care has been a huge hit and I’m super pleased with how many amazing comments we have had. But when we get any customer feedback about helping their wellbeing that’s probably the very best. 

How do you pick yourself up when something doesn’t go to plan? Whether that be business or personal?

Many many things don’t go to plan! that’s fine - you just try again. Keep turning over stones and you’ll find a solution under one of them eventually!

How do you reward yourself after a successful day?

A bath with the Tranquillity Bath and Shower Drops, and a large glass of Rose wine!

What’s your favourite Neom product?

Right now - it’s the Perfect Night Sleep Cleansing Balm, but I’m fickle. 

What does the future hold for Neom?

We have so many amazing new products coming out this year and next I think I’ve gone a bit mad! But seriously, they are all amazing I couldn’t choose between them!

Nicole Clewer