Don't be that person!

Every year thousands of people set themselves New Year’s resolutions for the upcoming year, with the most common being to get fitter or healthier, and I say - good on you! 

With the New Year, and these newly set resolutions, inevitably comes new gym-goers, surely this is a good thing right? People making a decision to better themselves and their way of life? Well apparently, not everyone sees it this way! For some strange reason, all year round regular gym-goers all of a sudden feel a sense of entitlement and that they are superior to anyone else that dare walk through the door of 'their' gym and I’m here to tell you NOT to be that person!

In fact, why not be the total opposite? Why not invite and encourage new gym-goers? Show them around the gym, guide and support them! Rather than writing crappy posts on Facebook like "I hate going to the gym in January, always full of newbies that won’t be here in February" let’s encourage them to stay another month and become a healthier, fitter person, after all, you were a 'newbie' once.

We should be supporting the people that have made the decision to better themselves and change their lifestyle. Apparently 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail, which must mean 20% of people do stick to them and improve their lifestyle, that’s brilliant, and well done to the 80% that tried, it’s never too late. Remember, their workout is just as worthy as yours and their health and happiness matters just as much as yours.

Anyway, if you are one of the fantastic people that has decided to make changes next year and get fitter and healthier, well done and good for you. As a Personal Trainer, I whole heartedly encourage you to try and stick to these goals, don’t be intimidated by busy, fast paced gyms or snide comments, focus on YOUR resolution of bettering your way of life.

I personally think a New Year is such a lovely time, for the same reason that I love a Monday,it's bright and shiny opportunity to start over, improve yourself and a chance to accomplish things you maybe didn’t accomplish during the last year.

Below are my 5 top tips to for new gym-goers in January:

1 - Join with a friend, you’ll motivate and encourage each other and it will make your gym experience feel less lonely

2 - Write down your goal, it’ll help you stick to it

3- Ask for help from a PT if you’re struggling with anything i.e. your form or understanding a machine

4 - Don’t be intimidated by regular gym-goers

5 - Don’t compare yourself to anyone at the gym and certainly not anyone you scroll upon on the gram.

Now, my 5 top tips for you regular gym-goers in January:

1 - Encourage any new people you see in the gym

2 - Ask if they need a hand

3 - Make light conversation, it’ll make them feel less intimidated

4 - Don’t write snide, crappy Facebook posts about “newbie” gym-goers taking up space in “your” gym

5 - Embrace a vibrant, busy atmosphere!

So, If your New Year’s resolution is to kick butt next year, go get em, I’m with you all the way.

Nicole Clewer